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Welcome on the site of Bart Wille, archaeologist and art historian for the ancient Near & Middle East and Central Asia.

Since 1982 I am running a specialised gallery in Belgium, presenting archaeological and ethnographic items, under the motto "museum-quality at affordable prices"

Sumatra embroidery
Sumatra embroidery

Embroidery from Sumatra, saffron colored silk on very thin cotton, with Islamic symbol of the crescent with star and some calligraphic medallions.
Condition: some small holes and spots
133 x 133 cm. Around 1900

Price: 1000 EUR

Gandhara Atlas figure
Gandhara Atlas figure

Such figures are called atlantes, from Atlas, the giant who supported the heavens. In the Graeco-Buddhistic art of Gandhara this pose was used as support figures on the bases of stupas or reliefs. In classical art the atlantes are never winged, also this is typical Gandhara. The wild hair and beard are classical features, somewhat Herculean. The back shows horizontal chisel grooves.
Northwest Pakistan, schist stone, 3rd century. 29 x 17(H) x 5.5 cms
Price: 7000 EUR