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Welcome on the site of Bart Wille, archaeologist and art historian for the ancient Near & Middle East and Central Asia.

Since 1982 I am running a specialised gallery in Belgium, presenting archaeological and ethnographic items, under the motto "museum-quality at affordable prices"

fragment of Nanda conversion scene
fragment of Nanda conversion scene

The scene of the conversion of Sundarananda or Nandi tells the story of how the brother in low of Lord Buddha, Nanda, is following the Buddha on a begging round at Kapilavastu while back home his fiancée Sundari is preparing herself for the marriage in the palace, assisted by her female servants. In the end Nanda will not return to the palace and will accept to be ordained.
We recognize the scene at some very typical elements: the trapezoidal roof with sawtooth cornice, the laurel wreaths hanging against the wall, and the composition of the three woman.
Gandhara, 3rd-4rth century. Grey schist stone. 29 x 17(H) x 4 cms. 

Price: 4800 € EUR

Console WW7
Console WW7

Carved capital of a wooden column, mounted as a console. Origin: north-west Pakistan, Hindu Kush mountains.
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Height 32cm (with console 90cm), lenght 195cm, depth 20cm

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