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Welcome on the site of Bart Wille, archaeologist and art historian for the ancient Near & Middle East and Central Asia.

Since 1982 I am running a specialised gallery in Belgium, presenting archaeological and ethnographic items, under the motto "museum-quality at affordable prices"

Mehrgarh bowl with fish and griffion
Mehrgarh bowl with fish and griffion

Mehrgarh bowl with representation of fishes and a griffion. Restored but no additions.
H 18,5cm; Diameter 30 cm. Thermolumeniscence test.
Price: 6000 EUR

Wooden door
Wooden door

A small wooden entrance door to a mosque, Swat Valley, Northwestern Pakistan. The door has a red brown patina. It measures 145 x 199 (H) cms. 18th century
The frame is carved with a meandering lotus motif, which goes back on the ancient Graeco-Buddhistic art of Gandhara, that once flourished in the same area.

Price: 2200 EUR