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In this category we place pottery, glass and bronzes dating from the Islamic times and originating from Iran, Afghanistan, Ouzbekistan,Syria,Jordan

Samanid slip-painted pottery bowl,
Samanid slip-painted pottery bowl,

East Iran or Transoxiana, 9th-10th Century
A triple band of kufic inscriptions, in manganese brown and liver red on a white ground, the centre with a dot. The inscription consists of a repetition of one word, probably al-izz or ‘glory’.
24,5cm diam.; 8,5cm high, Restored.
Price: 1600 € EUR

Seljuq bowl with dolphins
Seljuq bowl with dolphins

Bowl in fritware with a decoration painted in black under a transparent turquoise glaze. The decoration shows three friezes: a middle frieze with jumping dolphins, and two epigraphic friezes. The edge of the rim has a cobalt-blue glaze.
Height 9 cm, diameter 21,5 cm, diameter footring 8 cm
Restored; nice iridescence
Price: 2500 EUR